“The Winter Gardens Pavilion has been described by many as the flagship of Weston.”

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Winter Gardens Pavilion

Nominated by DavidA on 9 November 2010

The back of the Winter Gardens, 1968. Image courtesy North Somerset Council

The Ken Birch band on stage, around 1960. The Ken Birch band was the local house band from the mid-1950s to 1970 and they supported all the big names during that time. Image courtesy Martin Wheeler

The Ken Birch band onstage, 1965. Image courtesy Martin Wheeler

Inside the Winter Gardens. The group Family onstage, 1970. Image courtesy North Somerset Council

DavidA nominated Winter Gardens Pavilion and wrote:

The Winter Gardens Pavilion has been described by many as the flagship of Weston.

These days the ballroom remains largely unused but in the 1950s it was advertised as "The mecca of good dancers" and "Weston's all-year-round rendezvous", featuring dancing to live big bands. Young Dancers' Nights were introduced, which were later renamed Teen and Twenty Nights, and eventually Top Twenty Nights.

Saturdays were known as Saturday Dance Date which featured top national groups and artists. Many famous faces graced the Gardens from Gene Vincent to Pink Floyd: the list is almost endless and the place was packed with young people.

By 1969, the dancing had all but stopped and what started out as dances turned into concerts. Saturday nights became Saturday Scene until the end in 1973.

Sadly only older people have lovely memories of the venue, when we were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.


The Winter Gardens Pavilion is located on the Royal Parade on the seafront.

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