“The sea wall marks a great Victorian achievement of taming nature. ”

The sea wall

Nominated by ngoff on 19 July 2010

The sea wall stretches along the whole of the sea front

The sea wall circa. 1885, courtesy of the collections of North Somerset Museum

ngoff nominated The sea wall and wrote:

Before the sea wall was built, when people first started coming to Weston, there was no real break between the sea, the beach and the land where people built things. Gradually as the town grew, it became more and more important to mark the edge of the town and this work marks the Victorian achievement of taming nature. It's also become changed, ornamented and decorated by both man and nature.


All along the sea front

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nyates said on Wed 28 July, 10:19h:

I think the sea defence work has been well thought out and I'm really impressed with the quality of the workmanship. Although the work has caused disruption the finished product will be a credit to all who have worked on the project.....and yes I do work for the council. We often get criticised but I really feel the those involved deserve a pat on the back!

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