“The Bath Spa University Gallery at Weston College Uni Campus is a great place to see contemporary art in the Weston art scene.”

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The Bath Spa University Gallery, Weston College

Nominated by karenblakeart on 16 July 2010

Artwork by Edith Abeyta

Artwork by Fiona Cassidy

Artwork by Sophie Jones

karenblakeart nominated The Bath Spa University Gallery, Weston College and wrote:

If you listen to some people, you would think that Bristol is the only place locally to see contemporary art. The Bath Spa Gallery at the University campus of Weston College well and truely proves this theory wrong. The current curator Camilla has scoured the country to bring fresh new talent in the contemporary art world to Weston. I've been to a couple of exhibitions here, and I have been impressed by the quality and edginess of the work. It's great to see contemporary art like this having a place to be shown in the Weston art scene.


Weston College, University Campus
Loxton Road, Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom, BS23 4QU

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choci said on Thu 29 July, 18:08h:

I'm very excited to work with the staff at Bath Spa University Gallery next year, and applaud them for taking a chance on showing work by an emerging American artist! Kudos for opening your space to the international art world!

edith said on Thu 29 July, 23:48h:

It's been a pleasure working with curator, Camilla Stacey. Her efforts to support my work as well as the work of other artists in this location and others deserves much recognition. It's difficult producing exhibitions with installation artists who live across the continents and ship hundreds of objects in boxes with written instructions but she was able to install my work in a most careful and considerate way. Congratulations also go to the school and instructors for opening the space to a wide variety of visions.

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