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Whether firing confetti from a canon over an unsuspecting audience, suspending a Romany caravan in mid-air, or programming a small platoon of air compressors to blow party whistles, Lara Favaretto produces works that have a sense of surprise or mystery, often with an underlying sense of unease.

Without earth under foot

Location: Marine Lake Causeway  

For Weston-super-Mare, Favaretto worked with Studio di Architecttura Alessandro Tosetti to produce a remarkable and distinct new sight for the Marine Lake. The Marine Lake Causeway was completed in 1929 along with the artificial lake here, by the 1930s this area boasted a bandstand, diving stage, slides, bathing tents and boating. Today, the causeway is a prominent feature which dissects the sea from the artificial lake at the northern end of the town close to the location of Tania Kovats’ HOLM at Madeira Cove.

The artist created a constellation of phosphorescent material along the causeway which dissects the sea from the Marine Lake. Phosphorescence is a process, often naturally occurring, through which energy is absorbed by a substance and slowly released over time in the form of a luminescent glow. Playing with the duration of a permanent artwork, Favaretto has intervened within the existing landscape of Marine Lake to produce an artwork which generates its own internal day and night; the scattering of phosphorescent material creating a sense of a constellation or ‘milky way’ as if the night sky is reflected along the causeway itself.

The artwork practically disappears by day and emerges as an extraordinary, temporary phenomenon by night. Inspired by Weston’s dramatic tidal range, the artist has created a work which is also subject to the awesome force of the tidal range on this coastline which may often render the work itself invisible.

Favaretto developed her artwork with Alessandro Tosetti of Architecttura Alessandro Tosetti, an architecture practice based in Turin, Italy. Architecttura Alessandro Tosetti have specialised in the research and development of this particular phosphorescent material. Their projects often merge technology and artistic processes to create designs which are both highly innovative and publicly engaging.

Lara Favaretto

Lara Favaretto was born in Italy in 1973 and lives and works in Turin, Italy. Her recent exhibitions include 53rd Venice Biennial, Italy (2009), 9th Sharjah Biennial, Sharjah, UAE (2009), Tramway, Glasgow (2009), Torino Triennial-T2, Turin, Italy (2008), 16th Biennale of Sydney, Australia (2008), Frieze Projects, London (2007), Une seconde, une année (One Second, One Year), Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (2006) and Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, Turin, Italy (2005).



With thanks to:

Alessandro Tosetti, Studio Tosetti (www.studiotosetti.it)

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