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Designs for the Tourist Information Centre:
an unrealised project for Wonders of Weston

Tourist Information Centre


During the first phase of commissioning the Wonders of Weston, Situations and Field Art Projects proposed a re-imagining of the Tourist Information Centre (TIC), situated in Pier Square, a prominent site on the seafront in Weston-super-Mare. In keeping with the curatorial vision to create remarkable gathering points within the context of the town, the commissioning brief invited proposals to convert the existing TIC building (an unloved and invisible, low level structure) into an imaginative and striking new destination and central information point.

Proposals were invited from three architectural practices – DSDHA, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects and Studio Weave who responded with three striking suggestions, which are detailed below.

The process of developing a brief and proposals for North Somerset Council initiated a wider discussion within the Council as to the future of the TIC and after much consideration the Council decided to cancel the project in order to pursue a more ambitious tourist information venture as part of the town’s regeneration and development. Nevertheless the high standard of proposals we received in answer to the brief deserve celebrating here.

Various architectural practices


DSDHA proposed ‘A dynamic cloud between sea and sky that floats above the horizon’. Transforming the existing building into an attraction in its own right, the building becomes an object that purposefully draws people in.

Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Sarah Wigglesworth Architects proposed a makeover for the TIC which included an new external structure to give the building greater prominence combined with a redesign of the interior plan to increase the building’s flexibility as a mixed-use destination during the winter months.

Studio Weave

Studio Weave proposed ‘The Happy’, a design solution based on a short story of unrequited love between the TIC and Steep Holm island across the bay. Their proposal added a new outer shell of pearlescent perforated steel and created more opportunities for the public to interact with the tourist information services.