Wonders of Weston is a programme of public artworks in Weston-super-Mare by internationally renowned contemporary artists and collectives, including work by Ruth Claxton, Tim Etchells, Lara Favaretto, Tania Kovats in association with landscape designers Grant Associates, raumlaborberlin and Wrights & Sites.


To obtain press images of the artworks, contact Situations Press and Marketing Manager here.

Winter Piece thumbnail

Winter Piece

Tim Etchells

Tim Etchells is fascinated by the ways in which language is constructed; how any text – ...
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Shelter Piece thumbnail

Shelter Piece

Tim Etchells

Tim Etchells’ second work for Weston-super-Mare is sited in a shelter on Marine Parade.
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Without earth under foot thumbnail

Without earth under foot

Lara Favaretto

Whether firing confetti from a canon over an unsuspecting audience, suspending a Romany caravan in mid-air, ...
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HOLM thumbnail


Tania Kovats & Grant Associates

Tania Kovats' practice is focused on landscape, its geological formations and the cultural significance of places ...
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Everything you need to build a town is here thumbnail

Everything you need to build a town is here

Wrights & Sites

Wrights & Sites is a group of artists whose research is focused on their relationships to ...
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Tourist Information Centre thumbnail

Tourist Information Centre

Various architectural practices

Designs for the Tourist Information Centre: an unrealised project for Wonders of Weston
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And My Eyes Danced (Temporary) thumbnail

And My Eyes Danced (Temporary)

Ruth Claxton

Having been brought up near Morecambe Bay in north west England, artist Ruth Claxton first responded ...
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Silly Scope (Temporary) thumbnail

Silly Scope (Temporary)


Raumlaborberlin is a group of architects who combine experimental and participatory working methods with striking designs. ...
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